Pussiex May 13, 2017

This comic is about a couple with their son who were at home and the son discovers that his mother is a porn star, so he hacks his cell phone and starts watching a live video that his mother was doing on the Internet, the Boy starts masturbating while watching his mother’s live so that the mother finishes fucking with her father and the boy still had not run, then sends an anonymous message to his mother telling him that he wanted more video because he had not ejaculated yet and The mother goes up to her room to record another video but the child was in the mother’s room and hides in the closet before the mother came to her room, when the child and the mother was masturbating with a photo of you , The boy comes out of the closet and tells his mother what was recorded while masturbating in his room and the mother was embarrassed but the child began to gently touch her pussy and tell her that she wanted to lose her virginity with e She and she told him to stick his cock in the ass but the boy made a mistake and put it through the pussy, the mother when he felt his small cock in his huge pussy scolded him and told him that if he put it through Pussy could get pregnant with him and the boy then put it in the ass, the mother screamed in pleasure and worse pain did not realize that the mobile was still recording and was recording them fuck, when they end the boy ejaculates In the face of the mother and the mother gets angry with him for ejaculating in his face and tells him that he does not want to fuck with him anymore, but the boy kept his cell phone and hacked it again for when the mother did Another direct to be able to see it without her knowing it.

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