How Does Your Teacher’s Massage Feel

Pussiex May 10, 2017

This comic is about a very hot teacher who hires a man to supposedly give him a massage and ends up fucking him, because the man he hired was in love with her for a long time and when she told him to do a massage because He spliced ​​his cock and told her that if she, seeing his big cock thought he wanted to fuck her and how he had not fucked for a long time because he prepared his pussy before he came and was very hot in his bed touching her pussy , When the man came and saw her so sexy and so hot he thought she wanted him to fuck her, then he rushed over her and began to give her an erotic massage so that she would get hotter asta began to get her hand and touch him The pussy, he saw that the pussy was very wet so he started to take off his clothes and undressed her too, when he took out his cock she started to suck him hard and he could not stand it anymore and ejaculated But he did not care for her, and he swallowed it equally, when he put it through her pussy she screamed loudly, because his cock was very big and gave him a lot of enjoyment, so that he came back to ejaculate inside her and They lay on the bed resting from all the effort they had made.

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