Refugee Kid 2 – [Schoene Attrit]

Pussiex May 17, 2017 Views 82

Refugee Kid 2 is a porn comics where we see a guy who skips classes to find someone to fuck and goes to the subway station where he sees a man coming out with many bills in his hand and decides to steal them, then mounts in the Meter and sees a woman who had a very nice body and sits next to it, when the woman sees that the husband did not come back worries but the boy starts to touch her pussy in the subway and she gets very hot, then we see how they are in the house of the girl fucking the two and she asks him to fuck her very hard.

The guy fucks her ass the worst when he goes to ejaculate he puts his cock in her pussy and ejaculates inside, the woman when she sees The boy to ejaculate inside her gets very angry with him and tells him that because he does that, the boy responds that he wanted to have a child with her but she made it from his house, later the woman meets the husband and Tells him that he has been sleeping in his house but inside his body the spermatozoon S were entering the ovule and the woman was pregnant but that neither she nor her husband knew.

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