Redneck Age Milftoon

Pussiex May 15, 2017

Redneck Age is a porn comic from Milftoon where a very busy woman and a husband who only mistreats her and has her like a maid ends up tiring this poor woman who only works for a man who treats poorly. Her husband asks for a sandwich, for him and her son billy, although she is always very busy taking care of the baby and giving him milk from her huge and juicy tits, but no doubt when she has just made them eat, she is very tired of everything. His older son also needed to eat but forgot about him and was very angry because he always forgets that he has one more child in the family and does not treat him like the others.

Anyway his son was tired of it always happening the same and this time he wanted his own mother to breastfeed him with his huge tits as he does with the baby. She thought her son was joking but when he starts to touch her ass and asks her to fuck she was not believing him. His penis was so erect that he had to fuck her pussy anyway, though she was not going to make it easy since it was her own son.

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