Pokemon Tournament

Pussiex May 14, 2017

This comic is about a pokemon tournament in which the final is played, the first coach chooses milktank and the second to pikachu, when they are going to evolve with the bracelet happens something strange and the two pokemon become two girls with gigantic tits and Very juicy pussies, the coaches to see what happened they tried to approach but the pokemon did not let them approach to see what had happened because they were very horny and wanted to fuck each other, when pikachu got on all fours milktank got a cock and started To fuck her ass, pikachu did not like so she gave him an electric shock and milktank went farewell back, milktank to see that pikachu did not like to be fucked in the ass decided to stick his cock back through the pussy to See if he liked it more, pikachu felt a huge pleasure in her pussy and began to moan loud, milktank fucked harder and harder as pikachu was exhausted in the Ground and it turns out that milktank had won the pokemon fight but when looking around was all the public and the trainers masturbating while they watched them fuck.

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