Mystic Pokemon

Pussiex May 14, 2017

In this comic we can see how a pokemon trainer is looking for a very powerful legendary pokemon, but she enters a very dangerous path in which her tits and ass grow, the trainer did not know what was happening so she ran and She fell down a ravine, when she wakes up from the fall appears the legendary pokemon and greets her, tells him that he wants to fuck with her, she seeing that the pokemon had not realized that he wanted to capture him, he agrees to fuck with him, in That moment another Pokémon trainer appears and says he comes to capture it too, the legendary Pokémon to see another girl with big tits and a huge ass is excited and starts to fuck both with their tentacles, girls enjoyed but at the same time It was disgusting that he was a pokemon fucking them, but they did not care because they wanted to distract him to capture him, when they least expected it the pokemon pulled out more tentacles and began to rape them for the Ass and the mouth, so that the first coach takes out a pokeball and throws it while catching him while he is distracted.

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