Mistys Submission

Pussiex May 14, 2017

This comic is about misty a pokemon trainer and leader of a water type gym, which is very whore and likes to fuck. One day I was with Brock and his assistant in the gym pool trying to mega-evolve to staryu, a very powerful water-type pokemon, evolving into a kind of woman with a huge cock, which kissed misty and started To touch her pussy gently to give him pleasure, misty to feel so much pleasure wanted to fuck that woman but the woman first wanted to suck her pussy and so it was, the woman sucked her pussy very sensually and like no one had ever done And misty was enjoying like never before, meanwhile brock and the assistant looked at each other and undressed to make an orgy with misty and his pokemon but the pokemon told them that first he would fuck misty and then to them, then they began to fuck To part while the pokemon fucked to misty sota that brock got fed up and told the pokemon that he wanted to fuck misty and the pokemon told him that it was time to make an orgy all together, at that moment misty I gave him Jo to brock to put his cock through the pussy and the pokemon put it in the ass while his assistant kissed and so they threw a whole day without stopping so they were exhausted.

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