Los Kolos Milftoon

Pussiex May 15, 2017

Los Kolos de Milftoon is a porn comic in which this boy is sick of that every night his uncle and his mother fuck without control when his mother has to do what he wants because they have no money and without his uncle would be in The street without home and without food. Since his father died, nothing is the same, since all the inheritance of fortune was to stop his uncle who now has a huge house and also can fuck this boy’s mother when he wants. Tonight as always his uncle and his mother were fucking in the big room that he had bought himself and the boy could not sleep after so many screams so he went to look at what happened. He saw his mother on all fours, while his uncle fucked her wet pussy and the boy was a little surprised by all this. He was very excited that his mother was very beautiful and had sexual desires with her while dreaming. While the boy watched as they fucked he masturbated his cock thinking that he fucked himself to his mother.

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