Level 1

Pussiex May 14, 2017

In Level 1 a hentai a comic where this lonely and brave young man is in a very quiet forest but that for a long time gives him bad spine everything that surrounds this environment so cold and lonely. When suddenly and out of nowhere appears a monster that looked like a woman transformed into something slimy and slipped from the hands. It looked like a monster and the boy was frightened at the sight of her even though she pulled her long tentacles from her body and it seemed that for this adventurous boy everything was lost. No doubt this monster had nothing to hide.

The monster or she just wanted some company and this guy was willing to give it if it was necessary, the girl caught the boy with his sticky tentacles and lay him in the grass where after feeling that she wanted something more he needed to know that his penis Should penetrate the pussy of this girl who was just lacking in love. She felt that she could finally have that pleasure she needed and with this boy would live happily ever after while fucking her wet pussy.

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