Guardian of Pleasure

Pussiex May 13, 2017

In this comic of Lara Croft we can see that Lara Croft was in a temple and she was very thirsty but she looked in the canteen and she did not have water, she looked in its backpack if there was some liquid to drink but it did not have any liquid, to Lara Croft No matter how much liquid she drank, she just wanted to drink to hydrate herself and in that moment found a statue with a huge cock dripping with a strange liquid, Lara Croft began to suck that cock and the more sucked the more liquid came out, Then the statue woke up and started to fuck her very abruptly, Lara Croft to see that he had a huge cock believed he was going to kill her but it was not, Lara Croft began to enjoy like never before, that cock was so huge that To enjoy too much, when they finished fucking Lara Croft’s belly was super swollen from all the semen that had introduced the statue in her pussy and began to come semen under pressure from her horn pussy that deflated Or completely her belly and decided to take the statue home so that she could fuck her every day and that’s when Lara Croft woke up and fucked her again and made her pregnant.

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