Green Territory

Pussiex May 14, 2017

In this comic Lucario comes out trying to fight a Digimon, the digimon wanted to fuck with him but he did not notice as the digimon showed him his big and beautiful pussy and lukario tube an erection, then lukario put his cock through the pussy at Digimon and the digimon did not like his cock so he hit a jump and spread a punch in the face, but lukario was too hot to fight and returned to shove the digimon through the pussy, the digimon seeing that there was no escape I ended up fucking with lukario but came to such a point that lukario did not give much pleasure to fuck the digimon by the pussy and put it in the ass, the digimon to see what hurt spread another punch but lukario was more powerful and stunned with A skill of his and returned to penetrate the digimon by the ass, the digimon did not know what to do, then the digimon took a whip and propagated 5 strokes with the spear horn that managed to tame Lukario and make him Ate the pussy that is what the digimon liked, lukario was so hot that he began to eat her pussy while masturbating.

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