Pussiex May 14, 2017

Deception is a Pokemon porn parody in which Tracey rises from a deep sleep and wants to take a drink of water after having a little nightmare. When he woke up, everything seemed to be quiet, but it was in a small rustic house surrounded by leaves and in a small window was the Kirlia Pokemon that seemed to observe how Tracey woke up. He was doubting everything that was happening at that moment so that deicidio go out the door of that little hut and explore a little where he was. As he left the door a group of evolved Pokémon welcomed Tracey.

He was certainly grateful that the Pokémon had helped him throughout his journey, but he was thinking of other things, as the Pokemon Gardevoir stared at him as if something had enchanted him. After a while Tracey and Gardevoir were in the house while the sexual tension was felt in the environment, surely Gardevoir had a terrible desire to fuck with this human while all were occupied with his things.

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