Dat Ass 2

Pussiex July 6, 2017

Dat Ass 2 by Jabcomix is ​​a porn comic that takes us into the fantasies of this guy who only thinks about fucking his mother, a very hot housewife who has a good tits and who always dresses with a very short skirt to provoke his own son. This mother knows without doubt that her son is having erotic fantasies with her body and she does her best to warm her son more and more. One day while walking in the kitchen the boy saw his mother washing the dishes while he was tempted to get behind her and catch her wet pussy while squeezing her huge tits against the wall.

His mother let him do those kind of pranks but he always left him with the desire to fuck and he could not stop masturbating his cock in his room while he thought of his mother naked while fucked. Until one day in the laundry her mother got on her hands and knees while she was washing her clothes and her son while removing her panties could not resist the temptation to fuck her wet pussy.

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