Bad Boss – [Y3DF]

Pussiex August 7, 2017 Views 88

In this comic a woman and her family are one night at home and the head of her husband arrives to dinner, the woman gets angry with the husband because he had not warned him that his boss was coming to dinner but the boss was entering by The door and could not say anything else, when he entered the boss stood looking at the wife of his worker and watched how beautiful it was, how big had the ass and tits and the look of whore that had, then go to dinner And the woman while she was preparing the meal her husband’s boss is coming to help her but she actually came to touch her ass and tell her that she was very beautiful, the woman realizing what she wanted ignored her and continued to do the Dinner, after dinner her husband fell asleep and the boss took advantage to approach her again and touch her pussy, she told him that she was married and could not do that but the boss threatened to kick her husband out of it Work so she tube to suck his cock to Which he would ejaculate inside.

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