Avatar – The Last Jizzbender

Pussiex July 6, 2017

Avatar The Last Jizzbender is a porn comic where Aang and Katara are finally together and after a celebration with all their friends and family are caught kissing together by all who were there. It was not expected that these lovers would have a moment of intimacy but their friends congratulate them because at last the two are together. Katara wants to reach another level and thinks he will take Aang to his room to solar to do other things as adults and she already thinks she is prepared for it. Aang has no idea where Katara wants to go but she grabs his arm while smiling shyly.

No doubt when Katara wanted something more while closing the door of his room, Aang kissed passionately as the two took off their clothes to get to the next level of this relationship and fuck once and for all. Katara could no longer resist the temptation to have Aang’s huge cock in her pussy and then she undressed for him to lay on her while stroking her. Aang sucked her pussy as she burned with pleasure and he penetrated her as they sobbed with pleasure together.

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