Aim at PlanetNamek

Pussiex May 18, 2017

In this comic we can see how krillin, bulma and gohan go to the planet Namek while goku and his wife are in the earth trying to have another son and waiting for the recovery of goku, gohan was sleeping already bulma it occurred to him that she and krillin fuck In silence while gohan slept but krillin did not want because he believed gohan was going to wake up and he would get fucked, but when bulma undressed and showed his juicy pussy and his pretty ass to krillin they wanted to fuck bulma and could not They started to fuck but bulma told him to first suck her pussy gently and krillin started to suck her pussy but bulma moaned too much and gohan woke up but they were so hot that it did not matter, krillin got her Cock by the pussy and they began to fuck and bulma continued moaning more and more loudly that gohan woke up and had to stop and to conceal that they were fighting bulma and krillin So gohan would not notice. Meanwhile goku and his wife were in the hospital fucking and trying to have another son to give a brother to gohan and raise their family.

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